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School Safety



Student Tip Line - Students are encouraged to report crimes and other violations of standards of conduct to a school official in their school. However, if the reporting student wishes to remain anonymous, the student may utilize the Student Tip Line by selecting he link below or by selecting the STOP picture above in order to submit the report.


Emergency Awareness Documentation for Parents
CCS Emergency Awareness and Crisis Preparedness

Bus Behavior Regulations – Bus behavior guidelines for students can be found in the Code of Student Conduct.

Code of Student Conduct – In accordance with state law, the Code of Student Conduct is provided to each parent at the beginning of the school year. The Code of Student Conduct addresses the following: (1) authority of school officials over pupils; (2) student standards of conduct; (3) procedures for administering standards of conduct; (4) violations of law; (5) specific consequences for specific behaviors, and (6) suspension and expulsion.

Crisis Plans – Each school has developed a written school crisis, emergency management, and medical emergency response plan. This plan addresses the essential procedures, operations, and assignments required to prevent, manage, and respond to critical events or emergencies.

Emergency Drills – There are five primary responses to critical incidents: evacuation; lockdown; shelter-in-place; lockout; and drop, cover, and hold. Schools conduct emergency response drills (to respond to situations such as fire, bomb threat, intruder, tornadoes, earthquake) in accordance with state law and other regulations.

Facebook- Reporting Abuse
In order to be eligible to sign up for Facebook, people must be thirteen (13) years of age or older. If Facebook abuse is discovered please notifiy Facebook (link below) and contact the school administrator.

Fire Drills – In accordance with state law, all schools conduct periodic fire drills (evacuation). During the first twenty days of school, fire drills shall be held at each school.

Kentucky Center for School Safety
The mission and scope of work for the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) demanded that a statewide collaborative effort be undertaken. This collaborative partnership brings together a dynamic blend of experience and expertise in project management and the provision of training and technical assistance to education, human service and justice professionals, teacher preparation, applied research, electronic communication, and school and community needs assessment.

School Resource Officer (SRO) Program – This is a cooperative effort between the Alexandria Police Department, Campbell County Police Department and Campbell County Schools. The primary objectives of the SRO program include: assisting school administrators in fostering a safe, appropriate school environment; acting as an advocate for any child who may be a victim of suspected criminal activity; and promoting a relationship of trust while enhancing the lines of communication among the police departments, Campbell County Schools, students, and parents. The duties of the SRO fall in the broad categories of prevention, investigation, communication, support, and enforcement. 

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPs)– The VIPs assist in the overall maintenance of a safe school environment by conducting surveillance of school buildings, grounds, and activities and ensuring the security of the school by enforcing established rules and regulations. 

Phone messenger
Campbell County Schools uses School Messenger for our automated calling system for announcements and emergency calls. In order to change or delete a phone number in the system please contact your school as this information is updated through Infinite Campus. School Messenger is updated automatically every evening from the information in Infinite Campus. If you would like to also be emailed the announcement or emergency call, please contact your school and have your email address also placed into Infinite Campus.

Security Cameras – Closed circuit video cameras are used in schools, school buses, and school property in order to support the health, welfare, and safety of all students, staff, and visitors, and to safeguard school facilities and equipment.

Student Tip Line - Students are encouraged to report crimes and other violations of standards of conduct to a school official in their school. However, if the reporting student wishes to remain anonymous, the student may utilize the Student Tip Line by selecting he link below in order to submit the report.


Visitors – Visitors are welcome in our schools. A person wishing to visit a school or any portion of the school grounds must first report to the school’s main office or greeter’s desk and explain the purpose of the desired visit. When considering all such requests for visits, the school administrator shall safeguard the instructional day from distractions. Persons allowed to visit the school shall be asked to provide photo identification, state the purpose of the visit, and obtain and display a visitor identification badge that is to be worn while in the school. At the completion of the visit, the visitor shall sign out through the office or greeter’s desk and return the visitor badge.

AHERA Annual Report- CCS compliance with EPA Asbestos Management Plan.  

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan